The Altruist is Back!


First day is always the best! I never thought Tamhunt would be that fun. Seeing passionate aspiring young volunteers start to be leaders in stepping up to get into the field of social service gave me a glimpse of what new comers expect for Tamaraw Volunteers. I’ve seen hesitant, inquisitive, passionate, shy, and proud participants register in our booth. It was like a show with a challenge, as the booth stands to attract more volunteers to see opportunities in creating a change within vast communities outside and inside the university.  The booth became an exhibit to promulgate its advocacy of nation building and inward transformation, starting from the Tamaraw students to different sectors of the society until the whole nation desires to contribute help with a generous heart.

DSC_0024        DSC_0023

After a year of silence ‘’The Altruist” official publication of Tamaraw Volunteers comes back with great deals of expertise, exposure, and exhibitions. There will be field works and actual applications from brainstorming to exciting pre-production, production and post-production. Applicants were measured based on their excellence from conceded samples and works published or unpublished. The Altruist opened applications for Feature/Literary, Editorial Writers, Layout Artists/Designers, Bloggers, and Photographers/Videographers. Applicants with great works will automatically have their best work published on our website and newspaper for our first issue.


“As the editor-in-chief, it is my desire to let my members experience and fathom by heart the whole process of brainstorming, creating, and producing to prepare them for the real world”.

As we boldly start again, we will represent the Tamaraw Volunteers Media with a servant heart ready to broadcast latest events from different chambers.

As our tagline goes, “Where Broadcasting and Journalism give Service to Tamaraws and to the Nation”. We do the work with professionalism and excellence and we will never stop looking forward in creating and producing for the sake of service.


-Penuel Joy Del Rosario, The Altruist EIC