Onions: A Simple Ingredient with Extraordinary Properties

We might have experienced different diseases in which we think the only cure is medicine. But did we ever think that inside our fridges, we might find some stuff which we can use as remedies for some situations such as infection, cough, fever and ear problems? Some might have thought, but most of us haven’t.


Did you know that inside our fridges are powerful stuff? Those simple ingredients we use contain extraordinary healing properties, especially onions. Onions contain antiseptic property which prevent the growth of different microorganisms and can fight off bacteria which may lead to diseases.


            Fighting infection – to fight off infection using an onion paste, you need the following: onions, milk and white bread. Boil the milk. Grate the onions. After that, start pouring the boiled milk  on top of the white bread and place the onions. Mash the mixture into a paste. Apply the paste in the affected area; wait for it to harden before pulling away.


            Curing dry coughs –  make a syrup out of an onion and brown sugar to relieve an annoying dry cough. Remove the peel of a large onion and cut it into halves. Cover each with half (1/2) tablespoon brown sugar. Allow it to settle for at least an hour to get the syrup. Drink this for twice a day.


            Lowering fever – with the use of onion, garlic, potato and apple cider vinegar, it is possible! Chop the potatoes and the onions, mince the garlic and placed them inside a sock. Get a piece of cloth and pour it in an apple cider vinegar. Put the soaked cloth inside the sock. Wear this prepared sock at night.  Within an hour, the temperature decrease of the patient could be observed.


            Ear problems – this remedy using onions for an earache or pesky wax build up is very effective. You just need a small piece of onion, particularly the innermost part of it. Place it inside your ear (observe the safety of doing this). Do this at night before sleeping.

The ways discussed are generally from the methods of traditional medicine but now, Science had proven different abilities of onions. Yes, they do really have the antibacterial and antiseptic property that prevents bacteria.

Now, we don’t need to panic on how to cure such illness. Sometimes, all we just have to do is to see what we have and use them. Be resourceful!

-Clarisse Kaye Sanchez

Altruist Writer


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