Meditating on Mob Mentality

A midst of plethora of information flooding the global community, popular culture has had very obvious impact on the Filipino race. Juan’s readiness to embrace the culture of mimicking the multitude has evolved to become his distinct feature in borderless world.

Really, anything that stirs up a trend is bound to catch our attention. That is, regardless of how lowly, how menial, and how unessential the subject. Whether it is a craze for colored rubber bands, a video that is gone viral over the net, women flaunting their shiny bums on a magazine cover, or any superfluous activity, if it’s got everyone talking, it gets every Juan trying.

Our present culture is a result of lies forged by historians and politicians in an attempt to weave a single state out many small nations. Even our signature Juan Dela Cruz is evidently Hispanic-Catholic. But now, we lose ourselves even more with that lie being diluted in foreign influences over mass media. This plight of a fractured culture is evident across the nation, even in FEU.

However depressing it may sound, as members of an educated citizenry that will soon blend with the existing labor force, what is important is that we realize that in this the borderless world, especially now, Southeast Asia opened its gate, Juan has to be able to forge something worth sharing, something uniquely his. If we plan in this global trade, then, we have to have something good and worthwhile to offer to the world.


-Randolf Philip

Altruist Writer